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Radha Nair-Roberts

Dr Radha Nair-Roberts (MBioch, MSc, DPhil) is the founder of the EfA campaign and a member of the Involving People Network (Health and Care Research Wales). Since graduating in 2004 Radha spent her post-doctoral career researching neurodegenerative disease, first as a member of the Systems Neuroscience group at Oxford University, and then as a researcher at Cardiff University’s Brain Repair Group. Despite being first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at 21, Radha was able to graduate, travel, marry, start a family and work in primary research on helping sufferers of neurological disease, till forced to quit due to suffering from a drastic worsening of her health in 2015 (Secondary Progressive MS). Now a wheelchair user, Radha devotes her time to campaigning for better, more equal access to exercise for all people with a disability. Only by having genuinely inclusive exercise in our communities will all people be able to live healthier and happier lives.

Bet Davies

Originally from North Wales, Bet has spent her career in the field of media and communications, and is an experienced and well known bilingual broadcaster on radio and TV.  Her vast experience of public relations has embraced several sectors, including tourism, economic development and the arts. Over a 15 year + period she has served as a Trustee on several boards and is currently assisting small 3rd sector charities on a pro bono basis with fundraising and communications. She was enthused to support Exercise for All through the resilience, courage and drive of its inspirational founder Dr Radha Nair Roberts, who is a force for change in our communities. Bet has a particular interest in disability issues, since she wrote Wales’ first ever tourist guide for visitors with physical disabilities, during her days at the Wales Tourist Board.

Oriane Pierrepoint

Oriane Pierrepoint is a young, self-taught artist, situated in Monmouthshire, who specializes in the medium of figurative portraiture and draughtsmanship. Her career has moved from strength to strength in both her commercial portraiture and commission work, as well as her more conceptual, issue based practice in the sphere of contemporary art, since graduating with a First Class in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University. 

Her portraiture confront society's unwillingness to recognize the difficulties faced by some of its most vulnerable members, and are informed by listening to the experiences and memories of these individuals. She is currently creating such work for the 'Exercise for All' Campaign, in the hope that portraying disabled individuals exercising will draw public attention to the objectives of EfA, whilst also dispelling misconceptions that disability prohibits engagement in exercise. 

Beyond her Fine Art, Oriane creates media content and digital artwork for the campaign, creating our visual identity. 

Faye Pittman

Faye competed as an elite athlete in various disciplines for decades, at national and international level, but she has now chosen to devote her energies and expertise to helping people with disability live healthier and happier lives through exercise.


She has been working with a wide range of clients with diverse conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis, Brittle Asthma and Spinal injury (amongst others). By visiting clients in their own homes and in the community, Faye is able to tailor training programs  to the individual’s needs and abilities.


Her aim is to help her clients be as physically fit and able as possible, so they can feel more confident and positive in their everyday lives.

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